5 ways to find yourself the perfect ski short break ……


  1. Try to be flexible with your dates. Most tour operators will have ‘gaps’ in their bookings during the winter season and will be keen to secure your booking if you choose to travel during those times.
  2. Requesting a short break when you are staying in resort over a Sunday night will severely limit your chances of finding availability. Most hotels work Sunday to Sunday and if your break includes the Sunday night, this means your stay is encroaching in to two different booking weeks – something they are not keen to do.
  3. Tour operators find it relatively easy to sell ski short breaks from Wednesday for 4 nights or Thursday for 3 nights. For the best prices and offers, travel out on Sunday for 3 or 4 nights.
  4. Choose a ski area with a short transfer time between your arrival airport and resort, or you’ll spend more of your short break travelling than you do on the piste! Les Gets, for instance, is just over an hour from Geneva Airport.
  5. The smaller tour operators are more likely to offer ski weekends and short breaks. They can be more flexible than the larger companies whose business model is based around moving large volumes of customers on weekend charter flights.
Snowboarding in Les Gets

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